Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My first cuts with the Imagine!

Wow! I love my Imagine!
I was sure skeptical after all I read on the cricut boards.. I was sure doubting my purchase.
It finally did come. Hooray. It wasn't damaged. Hooray! I turned it on and it worked. Hooray!
No carts were damaged. Hooray. I did all updates from the carts to the latest on the Provo craft website.. fast and easy no problem. Hooray!
Whew. I went and bought some 12 x12 white cardstock yesterday at Michael's and it was on sale. Hooray! I just can't stop saying HOORAY! hahahahh
I was using my Georgia Pacific 8.5 x 11 cardstock that I got from Walmart.. but I couldn't cut as much as I wanted on it. LOL However...I'll still use it cuz its like 100 pieces of paper!
I did accidentally PRINT ON THE MAT.. cuz I was using that small sized paper and thought I had resized my little piece smaller but it wasn't small enough. I quickly ran warm water over it and it just washed right off and my my re-stickied up as well. I saw that tip on someone else's website. Sorry I forget who. I also did the Advanced calibration. I saw a video on Pink Cricut's website.  Thank you Ms. Sarah!
So now I will upload some pics.
Here comes some pics of just cutting stuff out:

Yes I tried them both out. Nursery Tails and Imagine more cuts. Oh and that shape was a basic shape on the machine.. and I filled it with something from the New cart. I loved how that turned out.

I love that the bonus content has a whole background paper there! Just precious.

Ok now time to stick in Mini-Monsters. Yep.. I cut it and thought bummer I don't like that.. so then I remembered something about flood filling. It was so easy to do! 

It was simple and easy to plug in carts and just start pushing away. I like the load last feature so I can use the next available spot on my paper. I love seeing it visually on the screen. That helps for sure! I've sent off today for my free cart for being a Cricut Circle Member and will receive Lori's Garden. That sure looks pretty. My next two carts that I will purchase.. is JT and Country Carnival!

Thanks for looking.
Have a great day and Happy Scrappn!

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  1. Ooooooh Monica! I can't wait to see your pages that you create will all of these amazing goodies!!!!!!